Is your pet stopping you from having a beautiful, lush green garden? You don’t have to worry any more. There are ways to create a Dog-Friendly Yard which is not only beautiful but also enjoyable for your pet too.

You need to achieve balance between your landscaping design and your dog’s behaviors, habits and personalities. The following tips will provide you detailed information on creation and maintenance of Dog-Friendly Yards. Remember that every dog is different and has distinct characteristics and personalities. It is important to design landscaping in a way that your dog enjoys the time spent in the garden and at the same time gets some exercise and be able to perform their fun activities.

Digging: Does your dog like to dig?  If so it is important to create a spot away from your plants in a shady area so that digging activity there and doesn’t disturb your plants. If your dog loves tunnels, they can be made with wires between plants so that the pet can enjoy in there.

Clean-up: Provide an area for your dog to relieve themselves that is covered in pea gravel or wood chips. This will save your lawn from all the dead spots when your dog chooses their own area.

Safety: Picking up of plants and pesticides for your garden is critical when you have pets. Poisonous plants and hazardous fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals should be avoided. Also plants near paths should not have thorns. Objects like garden hoses should be kept away to avoid any unwanted incidents.

Exercise: The ideal Dog-Friendly Yard should have sufficient free space for the dog to run, play and complete their fun activities. Expensive plants are not needed; instead colorful hanging baskets can be used for the eye treat. Also a well-designed dog house can be built at some corner so that your dog gets an outdoor shelter and stays cool.

Since people love their pets as much as they love their gardens, it is important to design Dog-Friendly Yards keeping in mind all the above points so that your dog, who is a member of your family, will have safe, healthier and fun atmosphere to play and complete their activities.

As the heat of summer relents and cooler days and nights return, it is time for the fall gardening chores. With the fall coolness, it is a great time to replace that lawn or enjoy the money saving fall clearance prices that the nurseries offer.

  1. Poor Performers: With the growing season still fresh in your mind, look at which plants delighted and which were disappointments. Remove the poor performers and replace with something new.
  2. Bulbs: Fall is the time to plant tulip, daffodil, crocus and other so-called minor bulbs.
  3. Perennials: Fall is an ideal time to plant shrubs, trees and perennials with the still warm soil temperatures that will promote good root growth.  Even small plants will show good growth over our mild winters.
  4. Lawns: Replace or renovate your lawn as soon as the heat of summer is over. September coolness is an ideal time to sod your lawn to keep the winter mud from being tracked into your house.
  5. Weeds: It’s easy to forget weeds at this time of year. Instead clean out your beds and prevent weeds from maturing and growing through the fall months.
  6. Clean-up: Pull out the annuals when they are finished. Prune back the perennials after the first hard frost. Prune dead and damaged branches on shrubs or trees.
  7. Divide: if grasses, hostas and day-lilies are getting too large, divide and transplant to other areas of your yard or give to friends.

Looking for quality Portland sod and nursery plants? Come visit us at Far west Turf farm and Nursery in Woodland, Washington.

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