Improve curb appeal and boost your home value. You can do a little or a complete makeover.
Install sod and plants if you are getting ready to sell your home.

Great sod installation video showing techniques on how to install sod. Sod gives an instant lawn area and it is easy to install

Great overview video on how to prepare and install a new sod lawn. For more step by step instructions please go to our step by step sod installation instructions. Remember to properly install a new sod lawn follow these simple steps.

1.  Test your soil and then add in fertilizer, lime and any necessary soil amendments.
2.  Rototill or hand till the soil.
3.  Level and compact the soil.
4.  Moisten and install your new sod.
5.  Roll to compact your new sod into the soil.
6.  Keep watered and stay off the grass until rooted.

For high quality sod and personal attention and advice, come to the Far West Turf Farm located in Woodland, Washington. Located just North of Portland, Oregon and your perfect source for Portland Sod. Call us at (360) 263-4700 for more information.

Who is using sod in the winter months? Sod is used by large construction firms that build bioswales and settling basins where the bio-swales need to be operational very soon and there is too much risk in allowing seed to germinate and grow.

One of our large contractor is purchasing sod by the acre for their bio-swale project. 🙂

Below is a video showing the bioswale using sod (not our contractor) so you can see the application.

wholesale sod for contractors

In the Pacific Northwest you can’t plan the weather, even within a single day. How do you handle laying sod when a cloudburst hits? The worst damage comes from just walking back and forth and your footprints will create an uneven surface.

The ground for your new lawn area needs to be prepared properly, graded smooth and compacted. The soil needs to be dry enough to work to create the proper base for your new lawn. More on how to prepare the ground for sodding.

If rain arrives on the day of lawn installation, lay down sheets of plywood and this will prevent foot prints from being embedded in your prepared soil. The plywood spreads your weight much like a snowshoe allows you to walk on top of snow. You can also use plastic sheeting to keep rain off the pallets of sod waiting for installation. Take care not to walk on the freshly laid sod until the soil dries out a bit.

You have to use good sense and realize there is no way to lay sod if the ground is a soupy mess. The plywood method works to protect an already flat and firm ground.

Some trees have shallow roots that rise up over time. An example is this maple tree to the left. These exposed tree roots can be a major annoyance when they are in your lawn area. They are difficult to mow over or even walk over. How can you treat these areas?

You don’t want to cut out the tree roots because the resulting root damage can permanently damage or kill the tree.

You have two choices. You can remove the grass in a 4-6 foot circle around the tree and plant a ground cover or coat over with a layer of bark dust. You could also conceal tree roots by adding 2-3 inches of soil to fill over the roots and then sod over this leveled ground.

When sodding over tree roots, be sure to compact the soil well before laying the sod. Water the freshly installed sod and keep moist for about 2 weeks allowing it to take root. For the best sod, go to your local sod farm.

You decide. Make your decision preferences and budget. Here are the pros and cons of each.

Lawns from Seed

  1. It usually takes up to 2 years for a seed lawn to mature to fully fill in and provide a uniform cover. Plan on reseeding areas that fail to germinate evenly and over seeding in the second season.
  2. Physically it is much easier to spread seed than to lift and lay down sod.
  3. Weed control is much more difficult as you wait for your lawn to fill in. Best to plant when weeds are at a minimum such as in the fall.
  4. Lower initial cost. It takes more time to get an established lawn, but the costs are lower.

Lawns from Sod

  1. You can enjoy an instant lawn that you can walk on immediately. It will generally be well rooted in about two weeks.
  2. Physically much harder to haul and lay your sod lawn. If doing by hand, use 5 square foot pieces which are easier. For large areas use a tractor and bigger rolls.
  3. Weed control is much easier because you start with a dense weed free lawn.
  4. Higher initial cost, but you get your lawn right away.

Everyone wants a dense green lawn. A great looking lawn adds both curb appeal and to your home’s value. If you want the best, order your Vancouver, WA sodfrom Far West Turf Farm and Nursery.

sod Vancouver, WABy laying sod down, you can have an instant green lawn that will make you the envy of your neighborhood. It does take planning and preparation, but you can do it yourself and save money. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Remember to use Far West Turf Farm and Nursery, best source for sod, Vancouver WA.

  1. Prepare: by removing any old lawn, rototilling, smoothing and rolling the ground with a water roller to firm it up. Sprinkle with water to moisten and help compact. Keep moist until you are ready to install the ground. More on preparing for your new lawn.
  2. Measure and Order: Measure the length times width to get the number of square feet and then add 10-15% to allow for trim and waste. More tips on measuring. Order sod – Vancouver WA from Far West Turf Farm and Nursery the day before you are going to install it.
  3. Install: Just before installation, Apply 16-16-16 fertilizer (1 pound per 100 sf). Apply lime at 5-8 pounds per 100 sf. Lay your sod out keeping the edges firmly together. Roll the sod with a half full water roller to help the sod to take root. Water immediately after and then sit back and enjoy your new lawn. More  sod installation tips.

I have heard of people doing this… but it is not a good idea. It may seem like an easy solution, but here are the problems you create.

Unlevel lawn: You want a firm, level surface to lay your new sod over. It may start out level, but as the old grass breaks down it will turn out very uneven.

Weeds: Your old grass is not dead and it will work to grow up through your sod and produce a weedy looking lawn.

Harder to root: You want your sod to root very quickly. You want to place it against firm level ground and give it the shortest possible distance for the roots to grow. By laying the sod over an existing lawn, the roots have a much longer distance they need to grow.

If you want a top quality job, you can’t take the easy short-cut. Take up the old sod and rototil your soil and prepare it correctly. More on installing sod.

It should be harvested the Same Day You Will Install it.

You can buy your sod from a big box store that stores pallets of sod drying in the sun for days at a time. Buying from a big box store may be very convenient, but you give up quality. Why risk installing stressed grass that won’t look as good. Our advice… Always buy your sod from a sod farm.

You should purchase your sod, farm direct. By buying from your local sod farm, you will get fresh sod, harvested the same day you want to install it.

Buying sod from your local Vancouver, WA sod farm, Far West Turf couldn’t be easier if you live in Portland, Oregon or South West Washington. Simply call us and let us know how much you need and make a payment on your credit card.

We will harvest your sod the day you will use it to give you absolutely the freshest best quality sod. We can deliver or you can pick-up. More on ordering sod

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