Want to create a distinctive look to your lawn? You can use this method to add stripes while you mow to create a distinctive pattern like you see on the professional baseball fields on TV. Lawn striping is easy and doesn’t have to cost a lot.

The video below shows how you can turn your lawn mower into a lawn striper for around $10.You can also purchase a lawn striping system that can easily be attached to most walk behind mowers. Toro puts out a quality lawn striper that does an excellent job.

When it come to putting in your new lawn, use your local Portland sod farm, Far West Turf Farm and Nursery located near Vancouver, WA. Remember, we deliver.

Dandelions, crabgrass and even foreign grasses are the enemy that is always present waiting to infiltrate your lawn and take over. Weapons include chemical weed killers, weed and feed combo applications and manual weeding.

A healthy thick lawn is your best defense against weeds. Prevention and lawn care best practices are the best way to keep out weeds.

  1. Mowing regularly to no more than 2-3 inches is by itself a good method of weed control.
  2. Water and Fertilize regularly, but with moderation.
  3. Mechanical aeration: Aerate and over seed your lawn annually to promote a thick health lawn.

Have weeds already taken over? Perhaps it is time to replace your weedy lawn with a new sod lawn using premium sod from your Portland sod farm, Far West turf Farm and Nursery.

Watering should be done deeply and infrequently to promote a strong and healthy root structure. Shallow and frequent watering promotes surface roots. This creates a lawn that will quickly wilt, curl and die with a heat wave. Dry grass won’t bounce back and foot prints remain visible after you walk across your lawn.

Frequent lawn watering also encourages weed germination. Over-watering contributes to growth of fungus and disease.

Watering should moisten to a depth of at least 8 inches.

You can estimate how much water this will take by turning your sprinklers on for 15 minutes. Wait a minimum of 4 hours and dig a small test hole and see how deep the moisture has penetrated. If your lawn is only moist to a depth of 4 inches, then you will need to double your watering time to 30 minutes.

Putting in a new lawn? Then always start with a premium sod from your local sod farm. Use Far West Turf Farm. They are your local Vancouver, WA and Portland sod farm.

Each lawn will have its own unique needs that you need to be alert to. This includes amount of shade, drainage, type of grass, soil conditions and water coverage. The Portland, Oregon area has its own temperate climate that makes growing easier.

We have the “Portland mist” which brings us lush green all year long. Portland rainy seasons can be broken into thirds. We have 4 months of rain, 4 months of rain / sun and 4 relatively dry months.

The east side of the Portland area gets more rain than the west side. Sandy, Oregon gets 50% more rain than downtown Portland.

This doesn’t mean you can’t start with a generalized plan as a starting point. It means you need to be alert and prepared to create your own customized plan. Experiment and see what works and create your own lawn care plan that works for your yard.

Always start with the top quality turf grass available from your local Portland sod farm.

What does it take to get a beautiful dark green color on your lawn? This is a combination of sun, water, fertilizer and soil pH. Let’s look at the ABCs of fertilizer .

Get a balanced lawn fertilizer that contains Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous 16-16-16. There are many quality fertilizers available both with and without weed killers.

Fertilizing should be done in March, April, May, June, July, September and November in the Portland, Oregon region.

Need sod? Visit our sod farm that serves Vancouver, WA and Portland, Oregon with fresh cut premium sod.

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