Over time your lawn area can be compacted with thin or bare spots. You can rebuild your lawn in a natural way without the need to add chemicals. Do this by aerating your lawn using core aeration and then overseeding You can rebuild a thick healthy lawn.

Benefits of core aeration and overseeding:

  1. Restore a healthy thicker lawn.
  2. Reduce soil compaction.
  3. Creates hole for seeds which improves germination rate.
  4. Better air and water uptake by your lawn.
  5. Restores healthy microbial action which helps break down surface thatch.
  6. No use of chemicals which helps protect the environment.

When planting a new lawn always use the very best premium quality Portland sod from Far West Turf Farm which located just north of Vancouver, WA.

Homeowners looking to install their own lawn should look to their local sod farm. This will give the lowest price and the freshest sod. For those looking for Vancouver, WA sod or Portland, Oregon sod should look to Far West Turf Farm. They offer both U-Haul and delivered sod that is cut fresh and pelleted that morning.

How to measure

Measure your future lawn area in length x width in feet. Multiply the two numbers to get square feet. If you have an irregular shaped lawn, break it down into manageable squares and measure each separately. Add up your lawn areas and add 10-15% to make sure you have enough and to allow for trimming as you install.

Why use sod?

Sod is only slightly more expensive than seed and it gives an instant lawn the very day you lay it down. More on sod installation.

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