Great overview video on how to prepare and install a new sod lawn. For more step by step instructions please go to our step by step sod installation instructions. Remember to properly install a new sod lawn follow these simple steps.

1.  Test your soil and then add in fertilizer, lime and any necessary soil amendments.
2.  Rototill or hand till the soil.
3.  Level and compact the soil.
4.  Moisten and install your new sod.
5.  Roll to compact your new sod into the soil.
6.  Keep watered and stay off the grass until rooted.

For high quality sod and personal attention and advice, come to the Far West Turf Farm located in Woodland, Washington. Located just North of Portland, Oregon and your perfect source for Portland Sod. Call us at (360) 263-4700 for more information.

Some trees have shallow roots that rise up over time. An example is this maple tree to the left. These exposed tree roots can be a major annoyance when they are in your lawn area. They are difficult to mow over or even walk over. How can you treat these areas?

You don’t want to cut out the tree roots because the resulting root damage can permanently damage or kill the tree.

You have two choices. You can remove the grass in a 4-6 foot circle around the tree and plant a ground cover or coat over with a layer of bark dust. You could also conceal tree roots by adding 2-3 inches of soil to fill over the roots and then sod over this leveled ground.

When sodding over tree roots, be sure to compact the soil well before laying the sod. Water the freshly installed sod and keep moist for about 2 weeks allowing it to take root. For the best sod, go to your local sod farm.

I have heard of people doing this… but it is not a good idea. It may seem like an easy solution, but here are the problems you create.

Unlevel lawn: You want a firm, level surface to lay your new sod over. It may start out level, but as the old grass breaks down it will turn out very uneven.

Weeds: Your old grass is not dead and it will work to grow up through your sod and produce a weedy looking lawn.

Harder to root: You want your sod to root very quickly. You want to place it against firm level ground and give it the shortest possible distance for the roots to grow. By laying the sod over an existing lawn, the roots have a much longer distance they need to grow.

If you want a top quality job, you can’t take the easy short-cut. Take up the old sod and rototil your soil and prepare it correctly. More on installing sod.

Start by making sure the ground has been prepared well including rototilling the soil, raking the area smooth and then compacting the soil with a half filled water filled roller. Water the soil to help settle it and then repeat the smoothing and rolling. Your grade should be ¾” below any adjacent concrete.

Have your sod delivered in the morning of installation day from your local sod farm.

  1. Water the area to be sodded the day before so that it is moist to a depth of about 6 inches.
  2. Apply 16-16-16 fertilizer (1 pound per 100 sf) on top of your rolled finished grade.
  3. Apply lime at 5-8 pounds per 100 sf.
  4. Install your sod beginning against the longest straight edge and work toward any irregular boundary.
  5. Try not to use small pieces of sod, they won’t take root as well as larger ones.
  6. Fit the pieces together snugly. Stagger pieces so the sod seams don’t line up.
  7. When working around trees or garden areas, use a very sharp knife to cut the sod into shape.
  8. As you install the sod, keep the ground and sod moist with light periodic watering.
  9. Roll the sod with a half full water filled roller to flatten all seams and better help the sod to take root.
  10. Water your new lawn regularly to keep from drying out.
  11. It should be ready for its first mowing in 7-10 days.

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