You decide. Make your decision preferences and budget. Here are the pros and cons of each.

Lawns from Seed

  1. It usually takes up to 2 years for a seed lawn to mature to fully fill in and provide a uniform cover. Plan on reseeding areas that fail to germinate evenly and over seeding in the second season.
  2. Physically it is much easier to spread seed than to lift and lay down sod.
  3. Weed control is much more difficult as you wait for your lawn to fill in. Best to plant when weeds are at a minimum such as in the fall.
  4. Lower initial cost. It takes more time to get an established lawn, but the costs are lower.

Lawns from Sod

  1. You can enjoy an instant lawn that you can walk on immediately. It will generally be well rooted in about two weeks.
  2. Physically much harder to haul and lay your sod lawn. If doing by hand, use 5 square foot pieces which are easier. For large areas use a tractor and bigger rolls.
  3. Weed control is much easier because you start with a dense weed free lawn.
  4. Higher initial cost, but you get your lawn right away.

Everyone wants a dense green lawn. A great looking lawn adds both curb appeal and to your home’s value. If you want the best, order your Vancouver, WA sodfrom Far West Turf Farm and Nursery.

If you want to get a plush, thick, green lawn, then increase how often you cut your grass. Frequent cutting with sharp blades forces your lawn to thicken up. A thicker lawn helps keep out weeds. Ideally you would not mow over 25% of the grass blade length.

Set your mower height at 3 inches. This gives enough height to shade out weeds that do germinate. Frequent mowing roves the seed heads before they can mature. Mowing is one of the best weed control methods.

Sharp mower blades slice easily through the grass and keep the ends of the grass blade from becoming shredded and torn. Your lawn will not only look better, but the shredded ends take a longer recovery time for your lawn. Cleanly cut grass is more resistant to disease and pests.

Always start your lawn with the best quality sod from your local sod farm. Far West Turf Farm is your Vancouver, WA sod farm serving the Portland metro area.

Homeowners looking to install their own lawn should look to their local sod farm. This will give the lowest price and the freshest sod. For those looking for Vancouver, WA sod or Portland, Oregon sod should look to Far West Turf Farm. They offer both U-Haul and delivered sod that is cut fresh and pelleted that morning.

How to measure

Measure your future lawn area in length x width in feet. Multiply the two numbers to get square feet. If you have an irregular shaped lawn, break it down into manageable squares and measure each separately. Add up your lawn areas and add 10-15% to make sure you have enough and to allow for trimming as you install.

Why use sod?

Sod is only slightly more expensive than seed and it gives an instant lawn the very day you lay it down. More on sod installation.

How can you apply organic and natural lawn care tips to perfecting your lush green lawn? You can use some basic organic gardening methods and still get a great looking lawn. Jodi Torpey has a great article entitled Six Tips for Organic Lawn Care. Please click through to her article to see more details.

  1. Loosen the soil by core aerating your lawn to let air and water in.
  2. Use organic fertilizers that come from natural sources.
  3. Add a thin layer of compost after aeration for a supply of nutrients.
  4. Use earth friendly weed control.
  5. Leave the clippings on the lawn to naturally mulch your lawn.
  6. Push mowers: Get some exercise and move away from a gas powered lawn mower.

Of course you need to start with quality sod from your Vancouver, WA sod provider, Far West Turf Farm.

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