Gold Rider Leyland Cypress For a Perfect Golden Evergreen Hedge

If you are looking for a perfect golden evergreen hedge, Gold Rider Leyland Cypress is the best option for you. A very good looking hedge that is perfect for whatever use you might be thinking of. Gold Rider is considered as one…

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Hedge Happening: Limited Offer Only!

Hedges are neatly trimmed screens of plantings and can be decorative or serve a practical purpose. Adding hedges to your garden or front yard is a great way to create a sense of neat formality, structure, or natural division, or just add…

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7 Best Plants For Garden Hedges

There are some things that come up to our mind when it comes to creating garden hedges. Some things that you might want to consider. What do you want your hedge for? To make a boundary? Encourage wildlife? Are you looking for…

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Planting in Fall: The most common gardening mistakes and how to fix them

You might be wondering what have I done wrong that made a bad result for your garden. Whether it’s the best time of day to water your plants or how to get rid of slugs effectively, there are plenty of questions most…

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Amazing Top 3 Plant Varieties To Plant In Fall

Spring is no doubt a wonderful time to grow your garden and plant new ones. Everything is perfect for proper plant growth: cool air, adequate sunlight and some rains make it the ideal season to grow your greens. But did you know…

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5 Things Nobody Told You About Planting in Fall

Do you know that Fall is the best time to plant? If not, then there are some things that you should know about. There are some benefits of planting in Fall that nobody might have told you. Most of the gardeners know…

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Top 4 Surprising Benefits of Shade Trees

From being a seed to a very strong creation, helped the earth its whole life, and helped those who lived in it. Nature could never be so fantastic without the Shade trees. How lovely a city could be if you can see…

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A Fiery-Looking Plant To Grow In Your Garden – Get To Know The Astilbe

Planning a special occasion in your garden anytime soon? This is nothing a little garden sprucing can’t fix. If you’re looking for a plant to make your garden stand out in the celebration, you have to get to know the Astilbe. Found…

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Your Ultimate Guide About The Azalea–The Garden Royalty

When talking about flowering plants and their kingdoms, there’s one kind that always stands out. Azalea, also known as the ‘Garden Royalty’ takes its place as the rightful owner of the throne in the garden plant empire. How did the Azalea become…

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Fall is The Time To Plant Trees

fall planting

Did you know that Fall is the best time to plant trees and shrubs in the Pacific Northwest?  Our seasonal rains and generally mild falls and winters make it easy to plant even after the first frost. Plus, cooler temperatures bring fewer…

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