5 Things Nobody Told You About Planting in Fall.

Do you know that fall is the best time to plant? If not, then there are some things that you should know about. There are some benefits of planting in fall that nobody might have told you about. Most of the gardeners…

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Top 4 Surprising Benefits of Shade Trees

From being a seed to a very strong creation, helped the earth its whole life, and helped those who lived in it. Nature could never be so fantastic without the Shade trees. How lovely a city could be if you can see…

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How To Grow Astilbe The Right Way

If you are looking for a perfect plant that suits your needs on special occasions and best in your gardens, Astilbe is the perfect plant for it. A very attractive kind that would never fail your expectations. But first, we need to…

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Azalea Is The Royalty of the Garden

You might be wondering what is the best plant to put in your garden. You might want to consider planting this beautiful creature as it is called the “Royalty of the Garden”. No plants can match the number of plant characteristics of…

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Fall is The Time To Plant Trees

fall planting

Did you know that Fall is the best time to plant trees and shrubs in the Pacific Northwest?  Our seasonal rains and generally mild falls and winters make it easy to plant even after the first frost. Plus, cooler temperatures bring fewer…

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Hostas Planting Tips You Want To Know


A garden would be bare if there are no greens in it. Yes, I’m talking about the art of green. Hostas or Plantain Lilies are the missing pieces in the art of your garden. A family of plants ordinarily known as hostas,…

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Daylily (Hemerocallis) : The Perfect Perennial


What is Daylily?  There are many types of perennial plants in the world but, the one that stands out is the ever-perfect – Daylily. Also called the “sure bet” and “perfect perennial,” these colorful flowers are perfect for beginners because they can…

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Rhododendrons: The King of Shrubs

Understanding Rhododendrons

What is Rhododendron? Rhododendron is a genus in the heath plant family (Ericaceae). It is a large genus with anywhere from 800 to over 1,100 wild species. The name Rhododendron comes from the Greek words, (“rodon” which means “rose”, and “dendron” which…

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Acer Palmatum Orangeola

Orangeola Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum Orangeola is an outstanding specie of its many Laceleaf Japanese Maples. This award-winning Orangeola Japanese Maple is one of the most admired laceleaf Japanese maples because of its astonishing leaf color. This small tree holds its beautiful foliage color in…

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Huge Memorial Day Plant Sale, Woodland Washington

First Annual Memorial Day Landscaping Plants Sale Saturday May 25, 2019 – Monday May 27, 2019. We have the largest selection of landscaping plants and Trees in SW Washington. Premium quality at farm direct pricing. 10 acres of plants and trees to…

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