Fall is here and winter will be soon. Winter is the season when you spend the least amount of time thinking about your lawn. There are steps you need to take in late fall to make sure your lawn is vibrant and healthy for next spring.

Leaf clean-up: Carefully remove the blanket of leaves that will fall in the next 2 months. A covering of leaves if left over the winter will smother and severely weaken your lawn. Remove any objects or equipment that can block sunlight over the coming long rainy season.

Final Fertilization: In late fall (usually November in the Pacific Northwest) feed your lawn with a good winter type fertilizer. Much like many animals that will bulk up for the winter, lawns will accumulate the fertilizer in its roots to make ready for a spring emergence.

When spring does come, your lawn will emerge from its winter slumber with healthy and lush new growth.

Tips from Far West Turf Farm and Nursery serving Vancouver, WA and Portland, Oregon. Your Vancouver, WA turf farm.

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