Planting in FallDo you know that Fall is the best time to plant? If not, then there are some things that you should know about. There are some benefits of planting in Fall that nobody might have told you.

Most of the gardeners know that Fall is the best time for planting.  There are lots of plants that you can check on our nursery to plant during Fall, but for now, let us talk about the good things about planting in Fall.

1.) It is easier to plant in Fall.

  The temperature in Fall has relevance in making things easy. The cool temperature helps you and the plants avoid the intense heat of the summer sun, though the soil is warm enough for roots to thrive during winter.

2.) Goodbye Pests and diseases.

These enemies of ours do not belong in our gardens. Pests and diseases are less during Fall. Most of them are either dead or just hibernating and the humidity keeps many diseases away.

3.) More Time.

Gardeners usually have more time during Fall compared to the spring rush and with that being said, Fall has more good days for planting and that would make us very productive.

4.)  Weeds are controllable.

Most of the weed seeds are dormant during Fall. It means they do not grow.  So gardeners can easily remove them when they appear as sprouts in spring.

5.) Mother Earth will water the plants for you.

Some regions have rainy days during Fall and that would make it save your time from watering the plants and do more things. How awesome is that?

Planting in Fall

Things could be easier if we know the planting basics too. 

  • Make sure to dig in. Preparing the ground is easier before the soil freezes over and the rain dries up.
  • The compost pile should grow considerably during the autumn months as the grass clippings, tree cuttings, fallen leaves, and the pruning add to its bulk.
  • Clean up old plants and unwanted growth. The end of the season is the time to remove your old plants, clean up plant debris and weeds.
  • Bring the plant indoors if needed.

Do you want more information about plants that you can plant during Fall? Visit our nursery or contact us and find out more! Also please check our specials for the cheapest price of the plants that you need. Grab yours now!