You might be wondering what is the best plant to put in your garden. You might want to consider planting this beautiful creature as it is called the “Royalty of the Garden”.

No plants can match the number of plant characteristics of azalea. Their awesome shades, a bounty of flowers, and versatility to a wide scope of soils and atmospheres make them one of the most prominent blooming bushes in Georgia.

Azaleas are gathered into classes dependent on various plant qualities, including whether they are evergreen or deciduous (shed their foliage in winter), and whether they are local plant-animal types or a presented cultivar. Evergreen azaleas are depicted by blossom structure, petal shape, variety in petal hues, plant size, time of sprout and growth.

Planting Azaleas

  • Plant azaleas with the highest point of the root ball marginally above soil level.
  • Try not to develop around these plants, as they have shallow roots.
  • Since they absorb water through their foliage, wet both the leaves and root zone when you water.
  • Overhead watering with sprinklers, yet to avoid parasitic infections do this in the morning so leaves dry by evening.
  • Maintain a distance from irrigation since it doesn’t wet the root system consistently.

Evenly water your Azaleas so the soil never dries out, nor turns out to be excessively spongy. Normally, zones that get full sun will require progressively exhaustive and visit waterings, as they dry out quicker.  Give the roots a chance to be wet, however not all that much that it spoils them. Early morning watering is critical with the goal that the sun has sufficient energy to evaporate the leaves for the duration of the day.

These are some of the Azaleas that you might want to consider planting on your beautiful gardens.

Formosa Southern Indica Hybrid

Formosa’ Southern Indica Hybrid

Pride of Mobile Southern Indica Hybrid

Pride of Mobile’ Southern Indica Hybrid

Red Ruffles Rutherford Hybrid

‘Red Ruffles’ Rutherford Hybrid

Gumpo Pink Satsuki Hybrid

Gumpo Pink’ Satsuki Hybrid

George Lindley Taber Southern Indica Hybrid

George Lindley Taber’ Southern Indica Hybrid

Spider Azalea

Spider Azalea

Coral Bells Kurume Hybrid

Coral Bells’ Kurume Hybrid

Sherwood Red Kurume Hybrid

Sherwood Red’ Kurume Hybrid

Possible Challenges

Planting Azalea is not that challenging compared to other species but we need to know some possible challenges in planting it and while it is planted. Azalea is defenseless to contagious sicknesses, for example, petal scourge, rust, and leaf nerve. The most ideal approach to protect the plant from contagious ailments is by splashing/spraying it with a fungicide beginning pre-summer until mid-June, each half a month. On the off chance that the plant winds up tainted with a parasite, prune and discard ailing departs/branches right away.

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