Did you know that Fall is the best time to plant trees and shrubs in the Pacific Northwest?  Our seasonal rains and generally mild falls and winters make it easy to plant even after the first frost. Plus, cooler temperatures bring fewer insect pests, so growing is a snap.

Fall is the best time to plant.  To know more,  please watch this video.


Fall Planting

time to plant trees and shrubs

  1. The combination of warm soil and cool air stimulates root growth to help your tree or shrub get established before the ground turns cold.
  2. Plants get a head start for next spring. After spending the fall and winter rooting into the soil, plants are ready to get growing faster in spring. Flowering is often better the first spring/summer also.
  3. Better drought tolerance. Plants get an extra 6-8 months of root growth before they must withstand dry conditions the following summer compared to planting in spring. This greatly improves survival for your landscape shrubs and trees.
  4. Less insect pest and disease pressure.  Leaf spotters and leaf chewers are more active in spring and summer months than fall, making for less-stressed plants that root in better. 
  5. There is less competition from summer weeds
  6. Gardening in moderate temperatures places less stress on you and makes outdoor work pleasant. Plus, planting now means one less task to do next spring.

If you’ve been considering moving something that’s already a part of your landscape, fall is a great time to do it.

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