Golden Evergreen Hedge

If you are looking for a perfect golden evergreen hedge, Gold Rider Leyland Cypress is the best option for you. A very good looking hedge that is perfect for whatever use you might be thinking of.

Gold Rider is considered as one of the best golden conifers as its color glow as it grows mature and it makes a bright focal point in the garden and because it is so gold. It is a very slow grower, so it would make an excellent accent container plant in full sun as well as planting it in the landscape as hedges.  Since it is such a slow grower, it would be better treated as a medium to large shrub.

There are some things that we need to remember in taking good care of our Gold Rider Leyland Cypress.

Leyland cypress family does not tolerate shade well. It grows best in open, sunny conditions and in most soil types, including loam, clay, and sand, alkaline, and acidic. It also tolerates drought and waterlogging.


Leyland cypress trees are shallow-rooted, meaning they can fall over easily, and they are susceptible to canker, which are dead sections caused by bacteria or fungus, destroy any diseased areas. To deal with canker, clean any pruning tools between each cut to keep it from propagating or spreading.

Enable for you to help its roots get established after spring or summer planting, water your  Gold Rider Leyland cypress regularly. Leyland cypress will take a few months to be established.

Used as Hedge

Golden Evergreen Hedge

A common landscape use is planting several Leyland cypresses along a border, in order to create a perfect privacy screen.

They are also used as windbreak trees. Since they are amenable to break off or pruning, some homeowners consider this a step further and turn such a border planting into a formal hedge.

Be sure to prune them early and also often, otherwise, because of their fast growth rate, they tend to get too tall too quickly and can occupy the whole landscape. That would not be so good to look at as it overwhelms all your garden plants.

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