Each lawn will have its own unique needs that you need to be alert to. This includes amount of shade, drainage, type of grass, soil conditions and water coverage. The Portland, Oregon area has its own temperate climate that makes growing easier.

We have the “Portland mist” which brings us lush green all year long. Portland rainy seasons can be broken into thirds. We have 4 months of rain, 4 months of rain / sun and 4 relatively dry months.

The east side of the Portland area gets more rain than the west side. Sandy, Oregon gets 50% more rain than downtown Portland.

This doesn’t mean you can’t start with a generalized plan as a starting point. It means you need to be alert and prepared to create your own customized plan. Experiment and see what works and create your own lawn care plan that works for your yard.

Always start with the top quality turf grass available from your local Portland sod farm.