Some trees have shallow roots that rise up over time. An example is this maple tree to the left. These exposed tree roots can be a major annoyance when they are in your lawn area. They are difficult to mow over or even walk over. How can you treat these areas?

You don’t want to cut out the tree roots because the resulting root damage can permanently damage or kill the tree.

You have two choices. You can remove the grass in a 4-6 foot circle around the tree and plant a ground cover or coat over with a layer of bark dust. You could also conceal tree roots by adding 2-3 inches of soil to fill over the roots and then sod over this leveled ground.

When sodding over tree roots, be sure to compact the soil well before laying the sod. Water the freshly installed sod and keep moist for about 2 weeks allowing it to take root. For the best sod, go to your local sod farm.