You want to keep moss out of your lawn. Moss shows up as yellow green loose tufts in your lawn. Moss will choke out a lawn creating an irregular, patchy appearance. Moss killers work, but if you don’t fix the conditions that lead to moss, it will just return.

  1. Keep your lawn thick: Reseed thinning areas to keep moss out.
  2. Fertilize: Your lawn needs nutrients to stay healthy and thick.
  3. Shade: Thin out branches from shrubs and trees that cause deep shade.
  4. Reduce wear: Redirect foot traffic or install stepping stones. Thin areas of grass are more prone to moss.
  5. Drainage: Moss like areas that stay damp. Fix drainage problems and avoid over watering.
  6. Moss removal: Use moss killers that contain ferrous sulfate, ferrous ammonium sulfate, or copper sulfate. These are environmentally safe but can stain concrete.

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