If you want to get a plush, thick, green lawn, then increase how often you cut your grass. Frequent cutting with sharp blades forces your lawn to thicken up. A thicker lawn helps keep out weeds. Ideally you would not mow over 25% of the grass blade length.

Set your mower height at 3 inches. This gives enough height to shade out weeds that do germinate. Frequent mowing roves the seed heads before they can mature. Mowing is one of the best weed control methods.

Sharp mower blades slice easily through the grass and keep the ends of the grass blade from becoming shredded and torn. Your lawn will not only look better, but the shredded ends take a longer recovery time for your lawn. Cleanly cut grass is more resistant to disease and pests.

Always start your lawn with the best quality sod from your local sod farm. Far West Turf Farm is your Vancouver, WA sod farm serving the Portland metro area.