Summer is winding down and we are moving in to a cooler fall season. The ground is still warm so fall is the perfect time for lawn maintenance and preparing for the coming winter.

Lawn Length: The cooler temperatures and warm soil temperature encourages grass growth. Don’t let your grass get too long before mowing. You should plan on only cutting about 1/3 of the grass blade in a single mowing. Tip: increase your mowing height ½”-1” during periods of high growth.

Dethatch: Having a thin layer of dead matted grass (thatch) of up to ½ inch is normal. Remove this layer by raking or power raking to encourage growth by allowing air, water and fertilizer to reach the roots. More on dethatching

Aeration: Over time your lawn area can be compacted with thin or bare spots. Aeration punches small holes in the turf that encourages lawn growth. Fall is the best time to do aeration. More on aeration and overseeding

Lawn Replacement: If you have problem areas and you have addressed them with soil testing, look at replacing problem areas or your entire lawn area. Fall is an ideal time to replace a damaged lawn. You can purchase sod or reseed your lawn. More on seed vs. sod