How can you apply organic and natural lawn care tips to perfecting your lush green lawn? You can use some basic organic gardening methods and still get a great looking lawn. Jodi Torpey has a great article entitled Six Tips for Organic Lawn Care. Please click through to her article to see more details.

  1. Loosen the soil by core aerating your lawn to let air and water in.
  2. Use organic fertilizers that come from natural sources.
  3. Add a thin layer of compost after aeration for a supply of nutrients.
  4. Use earth friendly weed control.
  5. Leave the clippings on the lawn to naturally mulch your lawn.
  6. Push mowers: Get some exercise and move away from a gas powered lawn mower.

Of course you need to start with quality sod from your Vancouver, WA sod provider, Far West Turf Farm.