Use of Sod in Bioswales

Who is using sod in the winter months? Sod is used by large construction firms that build bioswales and settling basins where the bio-swales need to be operational very soon and there is too much risk in allowing seed to germinate and…

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End of Season Lawn Maintenance

The cold and rainy season is here in the Pacific Northwest. Now is the time to prepare your lawn for winter. These are the steps that you should be following. Mow your lawn at regular height until the growth stops. The growth…

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Winter hardy Fuchsias Grow Well in the Portland Oregon Climate

This tropical looking flowering shrub will bloom all summer and through the fall. The Fuchsia pictured in this blog posting was photographed just a week ago in a Vancouver, WA garden Winter hardy Fuchsias not only grow, but thrive in the Portland…

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Use Japanese Forest Grass to Light up Your Garden

This is a graceful looking ornamental grass that is a member of the Hakonechloa family. Its bright colors and textures light up the garden. Japanese forest grass does best in full shad or partial shade. It is slow growing and takes little…

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Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

Fall is here and winter will be soon. Winter is the season when you spend the least amount of time thinking about your lawn. There are steps you need to take in late fall to make sure your lawn is vibrant and…

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Use a Fall-Winter Lawn Fertilizer in October

In the Portland and Vancouver WA areas lawns do not go completely dormant over the winter. Fall is the best time to prepare your lawn for the coming spring with a fall winter fertilizer and a treatment of lime. Fertilize your lawn…

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Japanese Blood Grass – Imperata cylindrical

Japanese Blood Grass is a popular ornamental grass. It is known for the deep red hues that develop in the latter part of the summer and carry into the fall. Japanese blood grass will typically stand 1-2 feet tall and grow in…

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How to Install Sod in the Pouring Rain

In the Pacific Northwest you can’t plan the weather, even within a single day. How do you handle laying sod when a cloudburst hits? The worst damage comes from just walking back and forth and your footprints will create an uneven surface….

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Lay Sod over Exposed Tree Roots

Some trees have shallow roots that rise up over time. An example is this maple tree to the left. These exposed tree roots can be a major annoyance when they are in your lawn area. They are difficult to mow over or…

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September Lawn Care Tips

Summer is winding down and we are moving in to a cooler fall season. The ground is still warm so fall is the perfect time for lawn maintenance and preparing for the coming winter. Lawn Length: The cooler temperatures and warm soil…

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