shade trees

From being a seed to a very strong creation, helped the earth its whole life, and helped those who lived in it. Nature could never be so fantastic without the Shade trees. How lovely a city could be if you can see shade trees in it. Parks could never be so relaxing if there are no shade trees.  Other countries may want the trees to be preserved in some of the establishments to maintain peacefulness and fresh air. Students at school can read their favorite novels under a big shade tree.

There are lots of benefits that we can get from shade trees.  It could be the missing puzzle piece that you are looking for after a very stressful day. It has been a big help for rehabilitation areas whereas people heal faster in a place where there are shade trees in it.

Top Four Benefits Shade Trees Can Provide

Let us talk more about the benefits of the shade trees.  These are most of the benefits that people and even animals could get from it.

shade trees for shelter

1. Shelter

It can be a home/habitat for lots of animals, especially during spring. They could be perfect near or beside a house but, just be careful with the leaves that might be so messy around it but could also be beneficial as it will decompose and will become fertilizer to the neighboring flowers. Also, that foliage can improve the value of your property as the buyers want a nature type of property to buy.

shade trees for air quality

2. Improve Air Quality

They help improve the overall air quality of your environment. That is why many establishments like hospitals and rehabilitation centers want to preserve the shade trees and do not want to cut it out even if it will cost a lot because it can help greatly to their patient’s recovery. Apart from care centers, schools and training facilities benefit from healthy air quality produced by the trees that give shade, too.

shade trees for climate control

3. Climate Control

It can somehow regulate the climate by curbing the effects of wind during windy days, rain (can be a shade or regulates flood) and even mostly the heat of the sun. just like when you have a picnic under it rather than in a grassland without a shade tree, I think that is super hot out there. As many people say, trees are the natural air conditioner because of the cooling effect they release.

shade trees for children

4. Best for children

Shade trees are favorable if you have children or if you are planning to have one. You can allow them to play nearby, you can put up a treehouse in it and have a picnic under it. That would be the best memory that they will always have. Additionally, trees protect the kids from ultra-violet rays. Don’t you know that they decrease UV-B exposure by about 50%? Thus, providing protection to them where they spend hours outdoors.

Here are some examples of trees that provide shades. To view the plant information, please click the photo.

Betula Alleghaniensis

Yellow Birch

Betula Pendula

European White Birch

Cercis Canadensis

North American Redbud

Oregon Ash

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